Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mix paint with drywall mud?

I want to do a crows foot texture on a ceiling. from I have read, I need to add water to the mud and stir, then use a special brush to apply it. (if this not acurate, let me know) my question is, can I also add a little paint to tint it? save me from also having to paint...Mix paint with drywall mud?
You can..you can get Ralph Lauren texture paint too..The issue with that is ceilings tend to drop alot of muck when you texture. If it has paint you need to be extra cautious protecting things. Also practice to make sure you have the right consistency on cardboard before mucking around on the ceiling.Mix paint with drywall mud?
I would not add paint, it will make mud watery. Add white tint instead it will work better but mix it well use a drill with a mixer on it. use joint compound not plaster also
If you are rich, buy the special thick paints, If you aren't use the plaster (or patching compound - could do to have cellulose in it). Tint it with either oxides (as used in cement) or normal paint tints. You can usually take a few jars and get tint from paint sh ops for very little money, especially if buying brushes, sand paper, drop sheets etc at the same time.

I wouldn't use a jointing compound or cornice cement that dries very hard. One day you'll want to get it off and stuff on a ceiling only has to stick there.

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