Friday, February 26, 2010

Why do drywall joints show up through paint?

Why is it, that even though you think you done a great job, and all joints look real good after you sand, the joints show up after paint?

Most of the time they are humped and if you look down the wall sideways after paint, you can see and feel every joint. Especially in sunlight. Hallways, long walls and ceilings are especially noticeable. They seem to be humped. Is this just the way drywall is, or are there any tips I can use?Why do drywall joints show up through paint?
this happens a lot, sometimes it is because the joints were not sanded down all the way, so when the texture is applied it will emphasize the joints more, there really isn't anything to do at this point unless you want to re-shoot the texture, if you do that you will kind of have to blend it into the high spots.

also if you have a higher sheen of paint, like semi-gloss or gloss, it will show joints more when the light hits them, but even if you were to repaint with and eg-shell finish i have seen that still show the joints, hope this helped some,

**ok, if you know how to tape and bed and you are doing your first bed normal, second bed larger sand the crap out of it get a straight edge and check your rock to see if you have a bow in your tape and bed, you know the rock has a bevel for the tape and bed so you should not be exceeding the space allowed, if so the problem would have to be your first bed being too thick, unless you are using sheet rock that has been cut where you aren't lining up the bevels. if you check it with the straight edge and you are flat the problem would have to be in the paint, so just make sure the wall is properly primed, good luckWhy do drywall joints show up through paint?
sorry you did not to the drywall correctly You probably used to little of mud and did do right..Takes practice

You can re mud the joints and re sand. If you do get a wide knife and smooth. TRICK in finishing; Get a natural rubber finishing sponge, just as ythe mud starts to dry wipe with the dampened sponge and smooth the mud out. You will have to practice but if you get this correct it will take less sanding
when i do it i tape up the joints and mud them 3 really good times but u have to make sure you put abt 6 inches or more width on it or it wont cover good it takes me 3 days then the fourth day i sand it really good i have not had that problem very much but hte color of the paint plays a big factor in how good it looks bc some colors shows flaws more than others
you need to float the joints out wider- like with a 12'; knife- takes lots of practice. also, the paint you use makes a difference. flat hides a lot, any kind of gloss will show everything.
its not primed trust me just put some primer on before you paint its cuz the paint is obsorbed in to spackle or however u spell it lol

good luck

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