Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Paint peeling off drywall question?

I purchased a house recently, it鈥檚 an older home. When we started painting we found cracked paint spots. I pulled on one corner and sheets of paint came off, ranging from 6 inches to 3 or 4 feet at a time. It goes all the way to the drywall behind. This is in several of the rooms. The drywall feels like it has a powder on it. I contacted someone to do some dry walling in a room that had paneling. However when I showed him the problem with the paint he recommended using kilz on the walls. I wanted to know if anyone else has had this problem or have any other recommendations to do. I am concerned that when I go to texture the walls it will not stick to the drywall and just cause a big mess.Paint peeling off drywall question?
Your drywall was never primed correctly, the Kilz will not help unless all the old latex paint that peels off is removed.Paint peeling off drywall question?
Yes, Kilz. Then texture and finally your paint. Double check the drywall tape in case they cut corners when mudding before applying the Kilz.

To make a fast %26amp; cheap paint job, the previous owners must not have used drywall primer paint before the actual painting. If they cut corners on this, be prepared to find other 'quick' fixes in the home. We found many in our home including within the wall wiring 'fixes'.
Remove all of the old paint that is loose, Fill the spots in with Spackling and then paint. Would use a Primer (like Kilz = I like the Water based Kilz since it is easier to use) and then paint.
He's right, improper prep of the drywall and priming is the problem. Each consecutive layer you apply over this will compound the problem.
haha should ave done ur homework

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